“Photograph is an expedition alone”
Robert FRANK

A.Kadir Ekinci was born in Kars. He was graduated from Ankara Gazi Institute for Education. Ekinci is a member of Ankara Photography Artists Association (AFSAD) since 1992 and took part in the executive and advisory boards. He took part in many projects organized by AFSAD, such as the Beliefs and Beliefs in South Eastern Anatolia Project.

His solo exhibitions “Silent Light”, “Distant Light” and “Mal Meydanı” consisting of his black and white photographs were exhibited in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. His albums “Silent and Distant Light” was published in 2010 and “Mal Meydanı” was released in 2018.

In 1999, he took part in the team that brought the World Cup to our country at the FIAP 25th international black and white print biennial. In 2002, he was awarded as “Commendable Artist of the Year” award by the Art Institution. He won the 15th State Photography Contest success award in 2012 and the Şinasi Barutçu Cup award in 2013.

He followed the strong but silent light that filtered from the roof of his house in the village where he was born. This was the basis for his “Silent Light” exhibition.

He kept on collecting lights. Maybe because he was afraid of the dark. Since he felt himself more free and safer with the light and as himself, he was pressing the shutter button with the hope of getting to know life as it is; to get into and overcome life and the darkness.

Dreaming of a life with light, he returned to the city where he was born, Kars. The quiet and powerful light of the city awaiting him. It was coming from far, was cold, however was warming life, even if it was a little timid but mysterious.

He is returning back to his hometown Kars once again for Mal Meydanı project. He is bringing the cattle market which is one of the most important commercial centers of Kars and part of life, into photography frames with the nostalgia that existed before moving to its new place.
As one of the ancient settlements; Kars is a city rich in historical, architectural, cultural and social aspects. By conveying in his photographs, the visual fascination of this city, the sense of experience he felt in every season and in every historical place; he tries to witness the social culture which he came from by a photographic language.
Ever since he started photography, he believed in the power of light. Ekinci, who tells his stories initiated in the mysterious silence of the places where his childhood passed, with his exhibitions “Silent Light”, “Distant Light” and “Mal Meydanı”. In this journey that he embarks on with light, he always dreams of going with the light and going, until his way is illuminated.

A.Kadir Ekinci