“Photography is a solitary journey”
Robert FRANK

A. Kadir Ekinci was born in Kars. He graduated from Ankara Gazi Training Institute. He still works in a public institution. He started his photography studies in 1992 at AFSAD (Ankara Photograph Artists Association). He has been in administrative and advisory boards. He participated in numerous projects of AFSAD like the GAP project.

His two personal exhibitions, “Silent Light” and “Distant Light” took place in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Cyprus.

His album “Silent and Distant Light” consisting of his black and white photographs was published in 2010.

His photographs were exhibited in numerous home and abroad exhibitions.

He was awarded with AFSAD (Ankara Association of Photography Artists) National Photography Competition in 1996, Golden Camera (B/W) success award of AFAD (Amateur Photographers Association of Adana) in 1997. He was the member of the team from Turkey awarded as First runner up of FIAP 25th International black/white imprint Biennial in 1999. He was awarded as “Praiseworthy Artist of the Year Award” by Art Society. He was awarded with Black & White Magazine portfolio award in 2010, 15th Government Photography Competition in 2012 and Şinasi Barutçu Cup Award in 2013.

Starting with the first day in his photography career, he always believed in the power of light. He followed the strong but silent light which sneaked from the roof of his house in the village where he was born. This formed the basis for his Silent Light exhibition.

He was continuing to collect lights. Maybe it was because he was afraid of the dark. Since he felt himself safer and freer and more like him with light, he kept on pressing the shutter with the hope of knowing life as it was, entering and overcoming life, and defeating the darkness.

Dreaming of a life with light, he went back to Kars, the city he was born in. The silent and strong light of the city was waiting for him. He was coming from a faraway place, was cold, and was warming life despite the fact that he was a little scared and mysterious.

With Silent Light and Distant Light, he dreams about going with the light, going for good until the road in his journey is going to be illuminated.